Thinking About “Shopping Your Mortgage Lender”?

Jan 09, 2021 • Our Blog
Thinking About “Shopping Your Mortgage Lender”?

With over 175 years of combined lending experience in our leadership team, our goal as a company is to provide a superior loan experience for all borrowers. This means that we are not afraid to look in the mirror and ask ourselves “are we better than the competition?”.
We understand that, as a borrower, you will want to consider due diligence and may shop around. Before you do this, here are some things we would like to explain.

Many Mortgage Lenders “Go to the Same Well”

While it can be confusing to figure out who is the “best lender”, the reality is that most direct lenders go to the same places for loan fundings. This means that ultimately things such as rate and loan product are not nearly as important as service.

Using the cheapest lender may:

  • Give you a rough and turbulent loan process
  • Get you stuck in a type of loan that isn’t ideal for you long term
  • Get you denied when the lender didn’t do their work upfront


Are You Being Charged Points for Your Rates?

Many borrowers use the interest rate to determine whether they are getting a good deal, and lenders know this. They often will market with “teaser rates” at which very few qualify and hope that once you are too deep in the process, you will continue working with them because you feel committed.

Lenders also may offer interest rates that are significantly lower but cost you what are called “points”. Points are discounts on the interest rate but cost more upfront. While this might save you a little more monthly, it can require thousands more at closing.

Make sure that you go over this with your loan officer to review the math to ensure it makes sense.


Give Us A Chance to Match or Explain Why

While we do not discourage shopping the best rate of lenders, we do encourage you to bring back any estimates you receive. This will allow us to try and match or, at the very least, verify you are getting the best deal. Hidden fees and points can be deceiving.

If you are looking for a lender that prioritizes:

  • Education throughout the loan process
  • Constant & consistent communication
  • Guidance and advice on which program is best for your financial goals and needs
  • Expectations that we stand behind


Then, Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation is the lender for you. Click here and schedule a time to speak with our trusted mortgage advisors.