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Your home isn't one-size-fits-all; why should your loan be? Backed by a wide range of products and years of industry knowledge, our team is dedicated to finding the best loan for your individual needs.

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With over 30 branches across the United States, our dedicated loan officers are ready to sit down with you in person to find the right fit. We also have a robust digital mortgage platform if you want to stay home in your PJs. Either way, we are here for you.


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As a Realtor, I feel the importance of availability and communication can make or break a deal. I have closed several Home Purchases with The McGuire Team and appreciate the hard work they put in to help our Buyers understand what to expect through each stage of the process. It is a pleasure doing business with this amazing team of people who really care!

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I was referred to Joyce by a realtor and presented my difficult application. She took my initial call but right afterwards I’m informed I’ve been passed off to a coworker who was actually her boss. Going forward, I dealt with Chris exclusively. There was one time when I asked Joyce a question and she came back in an unfriendly manner. So, my VA loan was denied due to 2 requirements I didn’t meet and that was that; all told to me by Chris. Days later I get a message from the realtor that she has followed up with Joyce about my denial and that’s when Joyce lied and said she and Chris went above and beyond and the even took the time to coach me about to improve my credit, which never happened. As a result of the lies from Joyce, the realtor dropped me from her services. I have since sent an official complaint to her boss and informing anyone about Joyce being a liar and unprofessional. I would highly recommend her boss, Chris, but would never recommend Joyce and I hope she gets reprimanded.

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Sheryl Crawford was a pleasant lender. She was very organized, knowledgeable, and caring. She did not make homeownership for a single mother seem impossible. Actually quite the opposite. She gave hope and even provided tips and resources to make it happen. I had a great experience with Sheryl and the Diamond Residential Company. Thank You! .

Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation.

Because we care, listen and deliver. Together, we get it done! At Diamond Residential Mortgage Corporation, YOU are in control, and we create loan solutions that are in line with YOUR current needs, goals, or financial situation.

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