The Most Essential Tools You Will Need As A New Homeowner

Apr 15, 2021 • Our Blog
The Most Essential Tools You Will Need As A New Homeowner

As a brand-new homeowner, you will be tasked with maintaining and fixing your home. You will need a variety of tools to keep your residence in tip-top shape. Here is our list of the most essential tools:


Measuring Tape

A measuring tape will be needed more often than you could imagine. Whether you are measuring spaces for new furniture or hanging beautiful picture frames, a measuring tape will help avoid future frustration.  


Step Ladder

A step ladder should be in any new homeowner’s arsenal of tools. You will need to reach things such as ceiling vents and light bulbs frequently.  


Screwdriver Set

Perhaps one of the most used tools, a quality screwdriver set, will be critical as a new homeowner. Make sure to buy a complete set with a variety of both Philips and Flat Head screwdrivers.  



Like screwdrivers, wrenches will be something you use fairly often. Purchase a complete set to help you with any type of project.



If you’ve ever tried to complete a project without a hammer, you understand that there is nothing that gets the job done just as well. They are inexpensive and critical for anyone that has recently become a homeowner.  



Pliers get done what hands just cannot do. Make sure you invest in a plier set for your new home.  



Despite what you may think about having a “good eye,” a level allows you to be sure. Buy a few different sizes of levels to make sure nothing in your home gets hung slanted again.



Whether you’re working on projects at night or stuck in a power outage, a strong flashlight is a must for your home. Buy multiple and keep them in handy places throughout your house. While you may have a flashlight on your phone, flashlights are much more powerful and not dependent on electricity.  


Cleaning Rags/Towels

If you have ever experienced a leak under the sink, you know that spare cleaning towels come in handy. Pick up a bunch of them at your local hardware store and make sure you are prepared.  


Utility Knife

As you are breaking down moving boxes, you’ll need a sturdy utility knife. These can be a valuable tool for any type of project.  


Stud Finder

Looking to mount your TV to the wall? Pick up a stud finder to take away the guesswork.  


Drill Set

A drill set is another tool that will get very frequent use. Make sure that you purchase one with excellent battery life and quality drill bits. This will prevent you from having to replace them soon after purchase.  



A plunger is often overlooked on “essential tool” lists, but it is something you are bound to need. Pick up enough for each bathroom in the home.  


Extension Cords

Extension cords will help you power items that are too distant from a power outlet. Make sure you pick up the correct type of cord for the job. Using indoor extension cords outside can play a potential safety hazard as they do not have the proper insulation.  


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