Getting Your Backyard BBQ Ready For The Summer

Jun 17, 2021 • Our Blog
Getting Your Backyard BBQ Ready For The Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and while it can be tempting to start inviting guests over for some outdoor dining and cornhole, it is essential to get your backyard ready ahead of time with these five backyard summer prep tips.

Start with The Weeds

If your yard is infested with weeds, address them earlier rather than later. It can be much easier to deal with weeds before they are exposed to significant rain and sunlight. Make sure that you remove the roots of the weeds so that they do not grow back. You can also use a store-bought weed killer to be sure that you are not killing any of the plants you want to keep.

Wash Down & Fix Concrete Patios

Your concrete patios will have stains from winter (especially if you get significant rain), and they will need a quick cleaning before you invite friends and family. While a pressure washer can remove most of the stains, you may need to invest in some specific soap for your patio to remove tough stains/mildew. Make sure to check for any cracks that need to be fixed - they will only worsen if not sealed correctly.

Maintain Wooden Fences and Decks

Make sure to check on your fence line and deck. Unlike furniture, you cannot store your fence and deck away from the harsh rain/snow of winter. Make sure that you:

  1. Clean away any pollen and mildew
  2. Seal your fence and deck separately with the appropriate materials

Depending on what you are using to clean and stain them, reapply as often as needed.

Clean Your BBQ

Make sure to clean your BBQ out to get ready for a summer of grilling. Make sure to clean:

  • Metal grates
  • Grease trays
  • The body of your grill
  • Propane tanks

If you have a propane grill, you will want to check the propane tank and connections. Any leaking gas could pose a safety threat for your friends and family.

Dust off the Patio Furniture

During winter, your patio furniture has been collecting dust (if inside) or water (outside). It is essential to clean your outdoor furniture and repair any items that have been damaged through the winter season. Make sure to check for:

  • Holes in seat cushions
  • Weak chair legs
  • Any items with cobwebs or other signs of bugs
  • Any issues with folding umbrellas or gazebos

Cleaning your backyard can also help prepare your home for sale. If you’re selling your home and need to purchase a new one, click here and speak with one of our mortgage loan officers today about the financing of your next home.