Madi Cook

Loan Officer
NMLS# 2230059

10301 Dawson's Creek Blvd, Building 2, Ste B
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

About Me.

How long have you been in the mortgage business and what inspired you to get into it?
I've been in the mortgage business since 2019. I was inspired to get into the business when I first became interested in purchasing a home for myself. Everything clicked when I realized that this was something I enjoyed doing, and from that day forward I knew this was the right career path for me. I've been dedicated to the business and continuous education ever since.

How do you approach working with clients, and what is your goal when helping them secure a mortgage?
Trust is crucial in any relationship, especially when it comes to finances. Making sure my clients know that they can trust me with their financial situation and feel safe knowing that they are in good hands is my top priority. From the very first introduction, I set good and clear intentions that last the entire relationship. I'm there for my clients 24/7 for advice, education, encouragement, compassion, and anything else they may need. The goal is not only to secure a mortgage but to make the overall process as smooth as possible. The mortgage process can be bumpy at times, which is why I make trust such a big priority. When my clients trust me to secure their mortgage, I do everything in my control to give them a smooth transaction with little to no worries.

What do you believe sets you apart from other loan officers, and how do you approach developing long-lasting relationships with clients?
My goal is to continue the client education outside of their first loan. There is so much information out there to benefit borrowers, and my job is to get to the good stuff and educate them on exactly what they need to know when they need to know it. Social media is a great way to stay connected with past and present clients. My social media platform gives me the ability to stay connected with my clients, share testimonials, continue client education, share special closing table moments, Diamond Residential events, and what it is like to be in the daily life of a successful MLO.

What kind of mortgage products and services do you specialize in, and how do you help clients navigate the mortgage process?
Thankfully, Diamond has access to hundreds of standard and niche products. I would be crazy to say I specialize in all of them, but I take every opportunity to learn about our products and get excited when new products come out for our market! I'm always up for a challenge.

What provides you with the most satisfaction in your job as a Loan Officer?
Watching my client's face smile as they sign their Closing Disclosure. Those moments are when I know that every email, text, and late night phone call resulted in something incredible.Owning a home is such a special life event and I'm so grateful to my clients for allowing me to be apart of theirs.


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