Careers at DRMC

What Defines Us?



As a leadership team that has worked together for over 30 years, we have seen the good and bad in the mortgage business. With all the experience our leadership team provides, we are able to navigate through these ever changing times to assure success for the whole team.



At DRMC we believe in a common sense "can-do" origination focused on operational effectiveness and efficiency driven by putting the right people in the right jobs.



We believe in empowering our people to do their best job and seek out solutions to make processes more streamlined and efficient.



We believe in a professional yet relaxed working environment. We believe in giving our employees the freedom to express themselves. We believe that if the employee is happy the service we provide to our customers will be superior to our competitors.



We offer competitive salary and commission plans in addition to great incentive plans for support staff. We also have an annual company paid employee recognition trip. (Restrictions Apply)



We believe in partnering with the most successful secondary investors and agencies who have a proven track record and can offer a variety of products and competitive pricing.



We are committed to providing the best pricing to our customers.



We offer a full range of mortgage products - FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA Jumbo, Commercial and Alt QM, while balancing risk factors in order to deliver a sound loan to our investors.



We are a focused corporation on customer service. Through this discipline we are sure to succeed and provide our customers and employees the best experience possible.



Sales Careers

Are you a Loan Officer with aspirations? Diamond Residential is here to help. If you are a Branch Manager looking to grow your team or a Loan Officer, we want to help you accomplish your goals.



At Diamond Residential, we take great pride in solely focusing on retail mortgage origination. As an employer that specializes in mortgage expertise, you can rest assured that we are devoted to your success. DRMC is a retail only focused mortgage banker, and our Board of Directors includes multiple active loan originators.



We Care. We care about your loans, your career, your success, your customers, and you. If a loan is feasible, we will search for a solution to any problems that may arise. You are never alone at DRMC. Our entire staff is focused on funding your loan on time. DRMC is a retail- focused mortgage banker that cares!



Change is never easy, which is why we strive to make your transition to DRMC as smooth as possible. We use an all-encompassing Loan Origination System, integrated one password systems with access to all pricing, and the AUS and qualification tools needed to deliver quick and painless applications. We also provide our Loan Officers with "set and forget" marketing and robust social media integration tools. Whether you prefer old-fashioned paper applications or state-of- the-art electronic originations, DRMC has the right tools to take your business to the next level.



We offer a full suite of mortgage products, because we want to provide you with a potential mortgage solution for any of your clients' needs. We want you to have confidence in our ability to deliver a happy customer even in complex or credit challenged situations. DRMC has products for low FICO scores, investor flips, non-warrantable condos, construction lending, jumbo loans and many other niche lending options. DRMC is built for loan originators, by loan originators.



We provide our loan officers and their with a full suite of marketing options: Mortgage Coach, Media Center, Social Survey, MBS Highway, and OSI Express - all paid by the company. You can go as deep as you desire or set it on autopilot. We also freely share innovative ideas within the sales group to stimulate your business.



Branch Careers

Are you a loan assistant, processor, or are looking to work in an administrative role? Find your perfect fit in one of our local branches.



Corporate Careers

Located in Lake Forest, Illinois, our corporate headquarters is home to multiple departments, from underwriting and appraisal to pricing and closing. Search our job openings to find the perfect fit for your expertise.