Together We Get It Done!


Knowing what documents are needed and specifics of the required documents. Some things are out of a persons control and at times felt were not properly addressed or correctly explained. Overall happy with completing the process and now being a homeowner again.
Elizabeth K
Awia B
William was very informative and always available to talk when I had questions, which I had several of them on multiple occasions. I highly recommend going to William, you will not be disappointed.
Vetina T
Lyn Is knowledgeable, efficient, very helpful, and completely trustworthy.
David G
Pam did a great job keeping in contact with us throughout the refinancing process. We could not be happier with her help and guidance.
Matthew S
Great guy. Full of Energy.
Matthew S
Too much paperwork and the fees seemed to be high. Actually received a credit of $32 because the fees exceeded the legal limit.
Scott E
Over and beyond quality service! He is the best!!
Lisa S
From the minute we stepped in the door, Bill and his staff were excellent. Our personal situation was filled with special circumstances that required special attention and specific care. Frankly, we were prepared for the worst and because of their professionalism and expert advice, everything worked like clock work. We cannot thank Bill and Diamond Mortgage enough.
Michael M
Tyler & Jennifer were a lot of help also
Melanie C
Tyler ott was prompt ave professional.
Michael B
Pam was extremely diligent in our loan application. She followed up immediately with every action needed. I never ever felt that I was waiting on Pam for any portion of our mortgage process. She was a "pitbull" during the mortgage process. Pam got us a great rate and worked out our credit to make this mortgage a reality. Great job Pam, I would recommend her to anyone.
Jason was experienced and knowledgeable when it came to helping me with my VA loan. He knew what i needed to turn in and helped the process not take too long. He is super friendly and knows what he is talking about!
Stacy A
William and his team did a great job from start to finish! He was so helpful during the entire process and knowledgeable. Also, any call,text, or email I sent was responded to within seconds or minutes. I found it very helpful they use texting as a form of communication because I can't always pick up my phone at work. I will definately use William again in the future!
Gladys B
Made buying our first place easy.
Edgar B