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What Defines Us?


Our leadership team has worked together for over 20 years. We have seen the good and bad in the mortgage business.  With all the experience our leadership team provides, we are able to navigate through these ever-changing times to assure success for the whole team.


At DRMC, we believe that putting the right people in the right roles will lead to operational effectiveness and efficiency.


We believe in empowering our people to do their best, and we actively seek out solutions to make processes more streamlined and efficient.


We believe in a professional yet relaxed working environment where our employees are free to express themselves. If our employees are happy, the service we provide to our customers will be superior to our competitors.

Compensation and Incentives

We offer competitive salary and commission plans in addition to great incentive plans for support staff. We also have an annual company paid employee recognition trip. (Restrictions Apply)


We partner with the most successful investors who have a proven track record and can offer a variety of products and competitive pricing.


We are committed to providing the best pricing to our customers and our loan origination staff.


We offer a full range of mortgage products - FHA, VA, Conventional, USDA - while balancing risk factors in order to deliver a sound loan to our investors.


We are focused on customer service, growth and profitability. Through this discipline we are sure to succeed and provide our customers and employees the best return possible.